Get a feel of IoT with our evaluation kits

In order to get a feel of how our product works, we have created a selection of evaluation kits together with our partners. Select the one for you, and get going!

These demo kits will enable you to understand the key functionality of Wirepas Mesh.

RuuviTag & Wirepas evaluation kit

Each tag includes:

  • Sensors: temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and acceleration
  • IP67
  • Battery: 1000mAh CR2477
  • NFC™-A tag antenna

Please contact for the exact content of the evaluation kit

For pricing and availability, contact sales(at) .

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Thingsee Distance Starter Package

Thingsee Starter Packages give you valuable insights on your commercial IoT deployment. You get to learn how an IoT data solution works in your real business environment.

Thingsee DISTANCE Time-of-Flight IoT sensor is designed for various facility management applications. Measure surface levels, object presence and more. Handy for hygiene, parking and real time asset tracking applications.

Additional sensor options coming available soon.

Kit includes:

  • 20 x Thingsee DISTANCE IoT Sensors with Wirepas Connectivity
  • 1 x Thingsee GATEWAY IoT Gateway device with 2G and Wirepas Connectivity – USB powered
  • User Guide
  • Devices are connected to your cloud with tailormade sensor parameters – Starter Package configuration services at Haltian
  • All Data Services and Thingsee Operations account for 6 months

Links to Haltian’s website for ordering  Wirepas evaluation kit

Treon Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit.

The easiest way to demonstrate and evaluate a Wirepas based mesh network. Just deploy the sensor nodes, download the Android application and start viewing the data. No need for additional network connectivity or configuration.

Kit includes:

  • 6 sensornodes
  • 1 sinknode
  • Application from Google Play (for Android 5.1 or higher)

Orders and inquiries: sales(at)

Ready to go further?

Once you have experienced Wirepas Mesh for yourself and are ready to go further with a customized application or even hardware then contact your partner or Wirepas directly. Working with the eco-system we will help you to take the next step on the journey towards deploying Wirepas Mesh in your IoT application.