February 11, 2016

Case Aidon

Wirepas enables connectivity of 1.4 million smart meters in Norway

Aidon, the leading provider of smart energy metering solutions and smart grid applications in the Nordics, has closed contracts for a total of 1.4 million metering points in Norway. The Aidon devices are enabled by Wirepas Connectivity to meet the strictest demands for reliability, performance and scalability in the AMI networks, not only for delivering the hourly energy consumption values from the customers, but also a multitude of sensor information from the energy grid. The deployment will take place in 2015-2018 and the largest single network will include 700,000 devices.

“We are proud to be a partner of Aidon. Wirepas Connectivity has proven its value as a cost efficient, secure and reliable technology for electricity metering applications”, Wirepas CEO, Teppo Hemiä says.

“In Wirepas we have a committed partner. Their wireless technology has played an important role in our success in Norway. We share a common interest in developing the competitiveness of our smart metering solution further.”, says Marko Penttinen, Business Development Director of Aidon.

Wirepas Connectivity has been developed to meet the communication needs of future networks and applications. The technology comprises the latest wireless technology innovations and will make a significant contribution to the development of the Internet of Things.