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The applications listed below are a sneak peek into the wide range of solutions created by our partners using Wirepas Mesh.  Logistics, Asset Management, Smart Lighting, Smart Metering and Industrial IoT have benefited the most of using Wirepas Mesh. However, General IoT has the potential to create endless use cases in the future.

Applications Logistics


In logistics there are up to 25 million containers, 7 billion pallets and over 10 billion annual shipments of parcels. Wirepas is designed to reliably connect them all.

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Applications Asset management header


Asset management with the right tools can improve your processes and efficiency greatly, while ensuring that assets don’t get lost and man hours aren’t wasted searching. The question lies in how to gather this information reliably, affordably and easily.

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Applications Smart lighting header


Wirepas Mesh is the highest performing IoT connectivity for smart lighting. Benefits include high data throughput, low latencies and easy commissioning.

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Applications Industrial IoT header


In industrial IoT, the challenge is to create a solution that monitors not only the most valuable machinery, but the entire production machinery.  Smart industries require an industrial IoT connectivity solution, a self-healing mesh network that can handle a demanding radio environment.

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Applications Smart metering header


Compared to most known smart metering roll-outs, the adoption of Wirepas Mesh has radically changed the network logic. It introduces the approach of autonomous de-centralised networks and network management by eliminating investment in specific communication network devices and additional infrastructure equipment.

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Applications General IoT header


The possibilities of IoT solutions with Wirepas Mesh are endless. Our customers and partners have created solutions like smart washrooms and smart locks all the way up to a complete smart building. Wirepas has enabled these companies to build large scale deployments of sensors for data collection.

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