Wirepas Connectivity for Beacons
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Beacons are a fast growing application area within the device connectivity and IoT market. Beacons have many different use cases in retail, transportation and events for example. They can be used for advertising, positioning and content delivery.

Beacons are battery-operated and transmit messages that can be received with mobile phones. Usually beacons are deployed in volumes and the coverage area can  be large.

Wirepas Connectivity for beacons enables wireless multi-hop mesh connectivity for any beacon device. It provides remote fleet management solution for beacons, without extra hardware. With Wirepas Connectivity beacons are always connected and available, remotely. The status of the beacons is available 24/7 and the beacons can be remotely configured. In addition, it enables enhanced beacon security.

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Features & benefits

  • Fully automatic operation provides easy installation and requires no maintenance for the network.
  • High energy-efficiency results in long battery-operated lifetime for all beacons, including devices capable of routing.
  • Unlimited scalability of the connectivity supports the sensor installation size or coverage.
  • Wirepas Connectivity runs on the same physical layer as Bluetooth enabling mesh and beacon functionality to run on the same chipset hardware, concurrently.
  • Full control over all beacon advertisement parameters provides a future-proof solution for different beacon protocols.

Wirepas Connectivity for beacons enables:

  • Remote monitoring of beacons, such as battery level, beacon operation, current beacon configuration
  • Remote configuration of beacons, such as advertisement interval, TX power, used channels, and beacon payload
  • Enhanced beacon security by beacon payload shuffling securing against beacon spoofing and piggybacking
  • Remote firmware updates

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