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From a single use case to a smart building

What makes Wirepas Mesh unique is that you can create vertical IoT solutions based on the IoT connectivity. But additionally, the network can handle several solutions in the same horizontal network. For example. You can start with an sensoring solution and later add a smart lighting solution in the same network. Below you can find the different kinds of general IoT solutions from single use cases to complete smart entities.


Empathic Building

Tieto licences Wirepas Mesh for its empathic building solution. Tieto Empathic Building service is solving end-user problems in modern working and learning environments like activity-based offices. Relevant data in right location drops unwanted administration and increases user wellbeing and performance.


Smart Hospital

Wirepas, together with multiple ecosystem partners, enabled Project UFOund: “Improving Hospital Logistics with IoT” to transform the Children’s Hospital in Utrecht, Netherlands in to a true smart building. This joint ecosystem effort contains lighting, asset tracking and sensoring.

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Smart Washroom

Haltian’s and Lindström’s smart washroom solution improves customer experience and employee well being while lowering the costs to manage the washroom operations. The washrooms are digitalized from towel and soap refill optimization to managing washroom cleaning operations, by the Thingsee sensor enabled with Wirepas Mesh.


Smart Construction

Our ecosystem partner, WakeCap, uses Wirepas Mesh in its sensors, that are then attached to helmets used on construction sites. These sensors on the helmets then are able to extract sensor data, as well as track the location of the helmet.


Bed Bug detection

IoT can be the answer for getting rid of bed bugs. Our ecosystem partner Valpas, has created a Smart design bed leg set that eliminates bed bugs from doing any harm to hotels and guests. High-grade black bed legs with a bug-attracting coating. Inside the legs, there’s an integrated, bug-catching trap bugs cannot escape, and LED-diode sensors (embedded with Wirepas), that detect bugs inside the trap.