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Connecting Claus – from Lapland to the world with love!

December 19, 2017 - Wirepas

Santa, also known as Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or Santa Claus is the epitome of Christmas for most people around the world. Every year, in the days leading up to Christmas, kids start getting anxious about this magical mister’s arrival. After all, being nice all year should be awarded with the gifts you asked for. However, what if there is no snow, which makes it too dark out for Santa to arrive or what if he accidentally gives your gifts to someone else? All these concerns could easily be addressed with the help of IoT connectivity, specifically Wide Area Mesh.

Even though Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer has been doing a great job lighting up the way for Santa, it’s time for a back up plan. There’s only one Rudolf, so if something would happen to him we would all be in trouble. But imagine if every city, town and village in the world would connect their street lights using a smart lighting solution, like Wirepas Connectivity, we could make sure Santa gets to every home. The street lights would be all connected by sensors or beacons powered by Wirepas, where there is no single point of failure, making the arrival of Santa depended not only on one reindeer, but an entire network. When the first luminaire detects the arriving Santa, they start lighting up one by one leading the way for his safe arrival.

After lighting up the way for Santa, we should help him make sure the gifts go to the right children. We all know Santa’s elves work hard to make toys for all the children of the world, in Santa’s workshop in Korvatunturi, Finland. However, sometimes even the oldest and most experienced elves can make a mistake and labels the gift incorrectly. To avoid the disappointment and confusion of the wrong gift, Santa could start using Wirepas Connectivity for asset management. This would require that all chimney’s would be equipped with a tag running Wirepas and each present had one as well. If Santa accidentally went down the chimney with the wrong gift, an LED light would light up to indicate the error. Additionally, if Santa equipped his sled with a similar tag, he could make an inventory check to make sure all the gifts are in the sled before departing Korvatunturi.

With the help of Wirepas technology, the children, Rudolf, the elves and Santa himself can have a less stressful Christmas. At Wirepas we aim to help all our customers, including Santa.

From everyone at Wirepas we wish you a connected holiday season and a smart new year!

  • Ellen Nurmi, Marketing and Communications Specialist