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June 11, 2019 - Wirepas

Farm image

GrowLogic and Wirepas working together to smarten agriculture.

We live in a world where 12.9% of the population is undernourished with the problem seeming to be even more daunting in the future. The current estimate states that the world’s population will have grown by a whopping 2.2 billion people by 2050. This presents us with a compelling dilemma that leaves us hungry for solutions.

Today’s agricultural sector needs to prepare itself for significant production rise. It needs to increase it’s production up by 70% to continue feeding the world. There are limitations though – we have only a limited amount of land and water, fertilizers will not increase the production indefinitely and the effect of pesticides will diminish in time as well as some them being totally banned due to their risk on people as well. Most agricultural processes are still manual which leaves a lot to be improved in terms of productivity growth.

Farm data, being collected with pen and paper, is susceptible to errors and manual data entry is time consuming. Workforce expenses are growing exponentially, leaving the industry calling out for automated and more reliable data collection methods to:

• Collect inventory data

• Collect soil, plant and environmental data

• Collect condition data on the goods

• Collect movement and locational data

• Monitor picker efficiency

• Track assets (tractors, forklifts and other major assets that need to be used as efficiently as possible)

Due to the insights obtained by this automatic data collection system, several different alerts can be created to detect problem situations such as extended heat exposure or mishandling in the harvest phase, eg: crates and boxes of produce that have been handled roughly need to be detected in time to minimize loss. These measures increase the quality and quantity of produce that will arrive to consumers in prime condition, with the goods being traceable all along the supply chain.


One such company aiming to solve these challenges is Grow Logic. Working in conjunction with Wirepas they have has created an autonomous labour and harvest tracking system with Wirepas Mesh at its core, providing reliable and real time data. This ensures that they can offer horticultural growers solutions to improve traceability of the harvested produce, improve procedures and increase productivity for the workers on farm. This system ultimately provides quality produce being delivered in a timely manner to the consumer, leading to further sustainably by reducing waste.

Grow2 1

The partnership between Grow Logic and Wirepas is natural. Grow Logic has a requirement for real time data with large payloads collected automatically and Wirepas will be able to offer that for Grow Logic’s analytical platform. Ultimately we envision future generations will benefit from Grow Logic’s autonomous labour and harvest tracking system solution as it addresses some major issues affecting the agricultural sector, such as decreasing waste, providing farmers and their staff a safer work place whilst increasing productivity, optimising quality control and traceability of produce from farm to fork.