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Location visualisation on construction sites

January 10, 2020 - Aiforsite


We at Aiforsite have been using Wirepas systems for location tracking in construction sites. The autonomy and resilience of the Wirepas Mesh have been the decisive factors when selecting it for our construction site environments. The battery powered positioning anchors deployed extensively over a site form a positioning network that covers the entire indoor area. The only system part that requires the mains power is the gateway. Only few gateways are needed per site, bringing the necessary flexibility. A construction site is inherently under constant change, both spatially and conditions wise. The WNT Client provides easy access for monitoring and controlling the Wirepas Mesh.

AIC Aiforsite
AIC: Visual site view

Through the Wirepas Backend APIs, the location information is accessed by AIC, the inhouse software from Aiforsite (see image). In addition to just showing the location information in real time, AIC analyzes and visualizes the location information so that the site managers and workers can benefit from it. For example, a tag could be attached to an industrial hoover that is frequently used among workers of different subcontractors. Locating the hoover in real time reduces the time wasted when searching for it, especially when shifts and roles change on site. Also, the workers can be tracked on site. This improves the fire safety during construction, as the approximate location of each worker is known.

The usage of Wirepas Mesh in the construction site is not limited to positioning only. Tags and anchors that contain sensors collect and transfer other data via Wirepas Mesh. For example, temperature and humidity measurements can help the decision making in daily construction management. Furthermore, anchors equipped with buzzers could launch alarms in case of an emergency. The potentials of Wirepas Mesh in construction site are vast, and we at Aiforsite believe it will yield more successful use cases in the future.