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The right technology partner makes all the difference

November 25, 2019 - Haltian

Blog Haltian

As all the other technology partnerships Haltian has, Wirepas plays an important role in our ecosystem. Wirepas technology is used in both Haltian’s IoT platform – Thingsee, as well as in custom product development services to their customers. In the Thingsee platform Haltian uses Wirepas Mesh as the connectivity layer between devices and it plays a significant impact. . One of the major benefits of using Wirepas Mesh is that this one single protocol can serve a number of use cases today and in future; to optimize research and development (R&D) efforts, shorter time to market (TTM) and  simultaneously opening many possibilities for the Thingsee platform.

Why Wirepas Mesh

The Thingsee platform has three major IoT solutions. Thingsee Smart Washrooms, Thingsee Smart Buildings and Thingsee Smart Factories. In all of them there is the need to extract a lot of information from a small area. In other words, there is high density of sensors needed. In these cases, having a direct connection from the sensor to the cloud is extremely expensive and consumes a lot of battery power.

In order to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and to optimise battery consumption as well as reduce device form factor, Haltian searched the market for a technology that could enable all the aforementioned.

Wirepas Mesh was the only option in the market at that time and it’s still the best available option. With Wirepas Mesh, we can have thousands of sensors in the same network. In addition, the sensors communicate between themselves, and then use a gateway to forward the information to the cloud.

The mesh network created by the devices is self-healing and doesn’t need a special configuration to communicate with any gateway in the same network. Because of these factors it’s simple and fast to assemble the solution in the field. It’s also cheaper and more scalable when compared with other IoT solutions.

What is Wirepas Mesh and how it works

Wirepas Mesh is a wireless connectivity technology for massive IoT. Wirepas Mesh running in the devices enables a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient IoT solution.

The network provides one horizontal connectivity layer for all IoT use cases: collect data from your sensors to an IoT application in the cloud, control remotely located devices, communicate device-to-device in the network with or without cloud and track the location of moving assets.

All the networking intelligence is included in the Wirepas Mesh software to form a resilient large-scale wireless mesh network.

How Wirepas Mesh technology is used at Haltian

With Haltian’s Smart Washroom Solutions we have been able to increase the efficiency of washrooms in Helsinki-Vantaa airport, shopping malls and daycares to name a few. The benefits are enormous for all stakeholders: the cleaning services can focus where their service which is critical; the end customer enjoys their time wants to spend more time in that space because of cleaner facilities; and for the businesses because the end customer spending more time in, e.g. a shopping mall means spending more money.

The smart office requires an even higher density of sensors than the smart washroom due to large surface areas and big number of objects to be measured. In the office it can be meeting rooms, desks, environmental data or visitor counting. With all this data available it is possible to increase the well-being of the workers by optimizing the conditions of the office and to increase their productivity and creativity by being able to concentrate on their work instead of spending time searching for some co-worker, a suitable desk or available meeting room.

In the factory environment there are also thousands of data points to be monitored and digitalized. In a process industry there can be thousands of manual valves in one factory unit alone. Further, the storage fill rate and the machine usage can be measured. There the value can increase to tens of thousands of data points. With our Smart Factory Solutions, it has been possible to remotely monitor the position of a valve and eliminate the risk of lost production after a maintenance break with values of six figures, increase the safety in hazardous industries and document tacit knowledge.