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Wirepas Network Tool – your companion to Wirepas Mesh

November 12, 2019 - Oula Välipakka

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Deploying a wireless mesh network of thousands of devices communicating with each other is a journey where you want to bring the right tool companion to make sure you reach your targets and your customers are happy with the investment.

Wirepas Network Tool (WNT) is the only network tool in the market that offers monitoring and analysing of Wirepas Mesh network operation. Insights into network health, key performance indicators (KPIs) and troubleshooting are just a few examples of its features.

Here are some common issues that the WNT can help with:

1. You would like to make sure that your customer’s network is performing well, and the network has formed according to the plans.

With WNT you can easily enable the network diagnostics and get a snapshot of the network and see how well the network topology has formed

2. You get a support request from your customer which is related to the functionality of the network.

WNT allows you to deep dive to the network and get the node level information and potentially find the reason(s) for the problem.

3. You would like to update the network nodes with new application and Wirepas Mesh software to introduce new features to your customer.

WNT enables you to do the over-the-air programming (OTA) of the network, directly from the tool UI.

4. A new use case has introduced new requirements for the network.

WNT users can change the individual nodes’ parameters directly from the tool UI.

The WNT 2.0.0 release

With the release of 2.0.0 of Wirepas Network Tool, several new features are brought to Wirepas customers.

One of the updates is related to one of the most powerful features of WNT: positioning with Wirepas Positioning Engine (WPE).

Why WNT?

Even though a minimal radio planning is needed with Wirepas Mesh, sometimes surprises are inevitable in the field. Wirepas Mesh positioning is based on native network signalling and their Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) values. Now the user can add an RSSI offset to the node to compensate the signal attenuation caused by e.g. metal surroundings.

Benefits of the WNT for monitoring your Wirepas Mesh network: scalable for thousands of network nodes, has end-to-end data privacy and supports flexible deployment to private or public cloud.

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