Case VTT
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VTT relies on Wirepas Connectivity

VTT has acquired a research and development license for Wirepas Connectivity. It will utilize Wirepas in its research programs related to Industrial Internet. Wirepas Connectivity creates a wireless mesh network by interconnecting the devices easily and without any investment to traditional network infrastructure. The interconnected devices are the network from which the necessary data can be attained reliably to back end systems.

“Our experiences from the technology have been very positive and we value the co-operation with Wirepas. We looked in to several different decentralized radio network solutions and decided that this fits our needs best”, VTT Senior Scientist Timo Kyntäjä says.

VTT invests strongly in its research and development around Industrial Internet and studies the aptitude of decentralized mesh networks to Industrial Internet applications. According to Kyntäjä the strength of mesh networks, compared to traditional mobile and wireless networks, is the dynamic and optimized adjustment of nodes according to the need. Besides the reliability, benefits can also be achieved in power and data transmission efficiency.

“The communication between devices will skyrocket during the next couple of years. For example, smart meters and sensors are both good examples of Internet of Things that is a reality already today. We are extremely proud that VTT has chosen Wirepas Connectivity from several competing network solutions”, Wirepas CEO Teppo Hemiä says.