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Wirepas open source in GitHub

Access our open source development environment, GitHub, where you can find a complete sensor network to cloud infrastructure IoT software package.

What is it for?

All Wirepas customers need to build similar blocks around Wirepas Mesh, so we decided to make a reference implementation of these blocks and make it available for all.

Why use it?

Using the Wirepas open source code speeds up implementation and go-to-market significantly.

How to use it?

Wirepas does not need to dictate the applications or end to end solutions. Those implementations are up to the partners. This has led to fragmentation of the implementation and companies have requested for Wirepas to provide a reference implementation, which would defragment the solutions.

Anyone can download the reference software and decide to use it as is or to modify it.

Open source Ecosystem is as strong as the contributors in its developer community.

Developers from system and cloud integrators, sensor vendors, gateway providers are welcome to download, use and contribute to Wirepas GitHub

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