November 21, 2017

Juho Pirskanen to join Wirepas as Standardization and Alliance Expert

Juho Pirskanen, an experienced professional within radio communications, joins Wirepas as the new Standardization and Alliance Expert.

Pirskanen has worked with different radio solutions, including 3G, 4G and WLAN for nearly two decades. Although, his most recent projects have been within 5G networks. His research and development work has resulted in more than 40 patent families and numerous individual patents on different wireless technologies, several considered as standard essential patents especially for 3G and 4G. Pirskanen has an impressive career working at Broadcom, as well as Nokia, just to name a few.

“I’m excited to work at such a fast paced company, that will also allow me to develop on an individual level. It is also great to work at a smaller company than before, where I get to see the results of my work quicker.”, Pirskanen states.

Pirskanen will join the team in Tampere, Finland.

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