How can Shared Spectrum operation be possible?

In public discussions we see more and more comments and viewpoints that sharing recourses and co-operating in the future is the next challenge for mankind. Sharing recourses has been reality in wireless communication for decades as there is only one radio spectrum to operate in. For this reason, the regulative rules and technology solutions have been developed to define how to access and use the spectrum.

Wirepas Mesh and WLAN co-existence

Moving from wired controls to wireless control systems can appear very enticing, especially for retrofit projects as there is a potential for reduced installation cost and effort when data cabling can be minimized. However, this saving only becomes reality, if the wireless connectivity selected supports the needs of easy and fast installation whilst delivering the reliability and performance needed for today’s lighting control and IoT applications.

Smart Lighting Evolution – what to test for in your next connectivity platform

GrowLogic and Wirepas working together to smarten agriculture.

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