Smart Buildings are like human bodies, with each room and corridor having its own function. Each of these rooms needs services, and to ensure the right services each room and the whole building needs data to properly perform and be a sustainable entity. Different solutions and systems are needed to keep up with the need of data, and these systems and solutions are like the vital organs of the body. Much like the heart and blood circulatory system of the body, Wirepas keeps the data flowing back and forth, in and out of the vital systems to keep the building alive.

Wirepas keeps the data flowing in your Smart Building

At the beginning of year 2019, the 5G Open Research Collaboration Ecosystem (5G-Force) research project had its kick start. The overall goal of the 5G-Force, with it world class partners, is to be an open platform for exploring and verifying the new 5G technologies as well as research new solutions. The open platform is filling the gap between laboratory-based 5G testing environments and commercial network deployments. The platform offers trialling support and tailored infrastructure configurations for telecom and vertical industries as well as scientific communities to utilize of 5G radio and core network technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and wireless mesh networks. We at Wirepas are proudly part of this project, pushing massive IoT networks to new limits, and uses cases utilizing Wirepas Mesh technology.

Wirepas drives 5G Open Research Collaboration Ecosystem