Due to the complexity of the modern-day supply chain an ever growing need for visibility and data is emerging. Nowadays the pace of circulation for goods is so fast, e.g. 3-4 weeks for clothing retail shop floor, that tight control over the goods’ whereabouts and condition cannot be overlooked. 

Visualize your supply chain and data for your own good

In the Wirepas ecosystem we are witnessing more and more projects moving from performance evaluation tests and PoCs to full scale production phases. This is impacting the technical debate: shifting from comparing different radio solutions to discussing more of a system level architecture, needed additional components and how the system can be managed and monitored during operation.

Beyond the Mesh –a reference architecture for Industrial IoT with Wirepas Mesh

This year was the first time Wirepas attended the Embedded with its own booth. So, there was a lot of excitement and work done before the show as we had prepared well for the show during the months leading to the event. It was great to see the evolution compared to previous years. Industrial IoT was everywhere and moving from “maker” solutions for experimentation to real products for customer deployment.

Looking back at Embedded World 2019