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Altyor strengthens its offering with Wirepas Mesh

January 24, 2020 - Wirepas

altyor PR

Altyor, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of complete electronic devices, connected industrial sensors and smart objects, as well as mechanical products in large volumes, partners with Wirepas to extend its technology offering to include Wirepas Mesh.

Thanks to the partnership with Wirepas, Altyor can now offer its customers products embedded with Wirepas Mesh, allowing them to connect and localize devices at scale and density with ultra-low power consumption and industrial grade quality.

The partnership can benefit the whole Wirepas ecosystem, with Altyor’s reputation of being a reliable partner for the development, industrialization and manufacturing of products in mass volume.

“We are delighted to welcome Altyor to the Wirepas ecosystem. Altyor has all skills to design, manufacture and industrialize Wirepas products in volume. This partnership will benefit both companies, Altyor being able to design products based on Wirepas Mesh, and Wirepas being able to offer to its ecosystem a reliable partner to scale and accelerate their time to market”, says Sebastien Pellorce, Business and Ecosystem Director, Wirepas.

About Altyor

Thanks to its 25+ years experience, Altyor provides a full of array of services required to get from concept to production for all projects of electronic and mechanical products. Altyor has developed competencies over several strategic markets such as energy, water, gaming, sport, leisure, tracking, robotics, health & well-being, smart building and industry.

About Wirepas

Wirepas is a global technology company focused on solving large scale IoT challenges. Our product, Wirepas Mesh, is an IoT connectivity software, which ensures the flow of data between devices and back-end reliably. All of this is possible thanks to our extremely experienced, ambitious and passionate team.