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Dominate SmartSite’s Location System gets smarter with Wirepas Mesh

April 8, 2019 - Wirepas

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The Dominate SmartSite Real-Time Location System (RTLS) offers a suite of applications that are based on the SmartSite IoT Cloud Platform and are designed for use in demanding construction and industrial environments. The cloud application is tightly integrated with mobile apps and the latest wireless technologies now including Wirepas Mesh. Utilizing its powerful integration tools and capabilities, Dominate SmartSite can quickly and easily integrate the IoT cloud platform with customer systems to provide existing applications with the latest IoT capabilities.

By using Wirepas Mesh and the Wirepas Positioning Engine, Dominate Smartsite has been able to create the most cost effective, battery-friendly and reliable wireless connectivity solution for their customers offering faster installation and more robust performance in demanding industrial and construction environments.

“We have been using BLE, Wi-Fi and ZigBee technologies in our Real-Time Location System (RTLS) applications for several years. They all have drawbacks in terms of power usage, reliability and a dependency on the site’s network. Wirepas Mesh is a unique product that offers long battery life and since it builds its own network, it is totally independent of the customer’s network infrastructure. Wirepas thus allows our applications to operate completely independent of the site’s power and network. Additionally, Wirepas has a responsive and intelligent technical team who are always eager to help. “says Majid Roozi, Founder and CEO of Dominate SmartSite.

“We are excited to be working with Dominate SmartSite to augment their Industrial IoT platform with the unique capabilities of Wirepas Mesh for sensor to cloud connectivity and providing the Wirepas Positioning Engine to provide additional location data to their RTLS platform. This is the beginning of a close collaboration between our companies as Dominate SmartSite takes advantage of future enhancements to the Wirepas offering.” says Youssef Kamel, SVP & General Manager, Americas at Wirepas.

Dominate SmartSite in brief

Dominate SmartSite is the leading global provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enterprise solutions for the construction and manufacturing industries. We bring real-time visibility to all aspects of your site by wirelessly connecting your workforce, subcontractors, productivity, assets, materials and environment to the digital world. We are trusted by customers to connect their field operations, enhance productivity, improve project profitability, and effectively collaborate across the broad construction ecosystem.

Wirepas in brief

Wirepas Mesh enables wireless IoT networking at massive scale. It is a de-centralized IoT network protocol that can be used to connect, locate and identify lights, sensors, beacons, assets, machines and meters in cities, buildings, industry, logistics and energy – with unprecedented scale, density, flexibility and reliability. It can be used on any radio hardware and on any frequency band. Wirepas has its headquarters in Tampere, Finland and offices in Australia, France, Germany, India, South Korea,Taiwan, the UK and the United States. Things connected – Naturally.