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Ercogener joins the Wirepas Ecosystem

September 3, 2020 - Mirva Saarijärvi

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Ercogener and Wirepas have partnered to market new solutions for geolocation and monitoring of critical assets operating both outdoors and indoors: no more blackhole in monitoring the whole supply chain.

Ercogener, a leading French designer and manufacturer of connected objects and solutions for M2M and IoT for almost 40 years, has integrated Wirepas solution to extend its geolocation offering with indoor coverage. This collaboration enables real-time and end-to-end tracking of critical assets both indoors and outdoors. Your equipment and your assets are always visible, within production lines and warehouses, during rail, road, air and naval transit phases and operation sites.

EG-IoT trackers now embed Wirepas Mesh technologies for real-time indoor geolocation with:

  • Accuracy of couple of meters
  • The sensors and connectivity already available for 5 years
  • GNSS technology for outdoor and mobile geolocation
  • A selection of sensors such as an accelerometer, a magnetometer, and a temperature sensor for detection of critical events such as shocks, movements, zones entrance and exit or openings, tilts and attempted break-ins. The system can also overrun tolerance thresholds defined by users.

Thanks to Ercogener’s know-how, EG-IoTs natively benefit from Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M connectivity, with 2G and 3G fallback, which makes them available on the main networks dedicated to IoT: they can now transmit their position and status globally, indoor, outdoor and in mobility.

“We have thoroughly studied and tested several options that would allow us to address the indoor geolocation needs of our customers. More than just an indoor geolocation technology, at Wirepas we have found a professional and available partner, as well as a complementary and responsive ecosystem.”  says Ludovic de Nicolay, Managing Director of the digital cluster of the ZeKat Group.

This essential complementarity to the accomplishment of critical projects has enabled Ercogener to develop in a few days, the first indoor / outdoor geolocation solution combining Wirepas Mesh technology and LTE-M and 2G fallback connectivity, in partnership with Jyse company. The partnership with Wirepas and the integration of Mesh technology also paves the road for a new generation of sensors for M2M and IoT telemetry in mesh networks. “Mesh quickly established itself as a no-brainer in the Ercogener roadmap, and we have found at Wirepas a complete solution: proven, open, simple, scalable, reliable and accurate. Wirepas is a strategic partner for Ercogener, it allows us to fulfill our vision and accelerate our innovation processes in the field of geolocation and monitoring of critical assets. We can now support our customers in setting up a solution for monitoring their supply chain worldwide without altering visibility.”

“We are extremely happy to welcome Ercogener to the Wirepas’s ecosystem. With nearly 40 years of experience in the M2M & IoT industry Ercogener knows the market and customer needs very well, but also the challenges of the existing wireless technologies. Ercogener is an ideal partner thanks to their experience and capabilities to build reliable wireless solutions for industrial IoT market expecting high quality products. We are seeing increasing demand on the market for our combined offering.” Jani Vehkalahti, SVP of Sales at Wirepas.

About Ercogener

Ercogener, the French leader, is one of the 11 companies of ZeKat Group, it has been designing and producing connected objects and solutions for M2M and IoT for 38 years. The Digital Division and the Manufacturing division of the ZeKat group have the skills, the know-how and the tools which allow the rapid design and industrialization in France of advanced connected solutions, standard or specific. With more than 200 qualified personnel, the group’s entities are based in the great west of France and benefit from research, R&D and production resources at the cutting edge of innovation. Since 2015, Ercogener has made more than 27,000 deliveries to more than 1,400 unique customers in 50 countries and maintains to this day more than 2 million connected geolocation and telemetry objects in operation, in 90 countries across all the continents. ZeKat group achieves a turnover of 30 Million Euros for an equity of 20 Million Euros. This makes it the long-lasting, trusted and local partner of many manufacturers, institutions and innovative start-ups in France, Europe and Africa.

More about Ercogener on the Wirepas Partner site.

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