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July 14, 2020 - Mirva Saarijärvi

LanternEdge news

Flagship Lantern Positioning solution utilizes Wirepas Mesh to improve the safety and productivity of personnel even in the most remote locations around the world.

LanternEdge is partnering Wirepas to accelerate connectivity in its intelligent products and solutions for harsh and hazardous areas. Wirepas Mesh – wireless connectivity technology for massive IoT – is a key component of Lantern Positioning, a positioning solution that improves the safety and productivity of personnel on work sites.

“LanternEdge designs and builds technologies to enable intelligence for harsh and hazardous environments, which often face multiple connectivity issues like increased interference, high density as well as remote locations that are hard to reach and have harsh conditions.” Said Jake Berlocher, Product Manager, LanternEdge. “We needed a partner that would be able to address these issues in Lantern Positioning while creating a scalable, reliable and cost efficient IoT solution, and found it with Wirepas.”

“Wirepas is happy to work with LanternEdge as they provide the market with a great solution that can effectively help people and especially in the current time where people safety is an important issue globally.”,
confirms Vafa Shams, Country Director, Australia NZ SE-Asia, Wirepas.

Lantern Positioning is designed to eliminate the inefficiencies and manual effort of current personnel management. The mesh network that it uses to connects its devices is powered by Wirepas mesh which offers many clear advantages:
The Wirepas mesh network protocol has the capacity for high device density per cubic meter – a key issue especially during safety muster drills when many personnel converge in a small space and need to
be differentiated. It also has a high interference avoidance with automatic frequency agility within the same spectrum and higher data throughput compared to other wireless mesh technologies which allows
for better communication channels.

Wirepas Mesh enables wireless IoT networking on a massive scale, supporting a large number of devices per network. This allows the Lantern Positioning solution to be deployed globally across
organizations and a variety of worksites across the globe, whether it’s watching out for 100 people on a drilling rig or over 10,000 people on a petrochemical plant.

Wirepas helps reduce power consumption of routing devices, resulting in increased battery life and lowering the size of the battery and the need to recharge, all essential for a solution designed to be used in remote locations like oil rigs or mines where it can be difficult for regular maintenance. Its built-in diagnostic tool also allows for easy installation and maintenance. In addition, the HarshPro M.2 Radio is the smallest form factor PCI gateway utilizing Wirepas Mesh.

To learn more about how Lantern Positioning can help your company look out for the safety and productivity of its workers, visit

LanternEdge on the Wirepas partner website.

About LanternEdge Pte Ltd

LanternEdge designs and builds technologies to enable intelligence for harsh and hazardous environments. Our hardware products power cloud-native applications, distributed cloud and advanced analytics at the edge of operations. Our solutions leverage open and scalable technologies to reduce costs and overheads, improving safety and
productivity in the toughest Industrial environments. LanternEdge products and solutions are designed and delivered in-house from Singapore.