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Sofia Technologies integrate Wirepas Mesh in its catalog of fast prototyping modules

September 14, 2020 - Wirepas

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Sofia Technologies, an engineering and IT service company, joins forces with Wirepas, a provider of wireless connectivity for massive IoT. With this partnership, Sofia Technologies will be able offer fast prototyping modules powered with Wirepas Mesh. Wirepas ecosystem will have a new trusted and experienced partner who is able to provide Wirepas Mesh Menzu prototyping modules, capability to customize the software and offer volume production.

Sofia Technologies, specialized in the design and integration of electronics, mechatronics, embedded software, cloud solutions and the Internet of Things, announce the availability of new Sofia Menzu fast prototyping modules using Wirepas Mesh IoT connectivity. With Sofia Menzu you can bring up your IoT PoC in days and enrich your dashboards with realtime data.

PoC your IoT in days with Sofia Menzu

The Proof of Concept (PoC) is the 1st step for your organization to assess the ROI of new IoT services. Sofia Menzu prototyping modules are our solution that can help you avoid specific development and save huge cost.

Sofia Menzu is a portfolio of industrial-grade, ready-for-use electronic modules for IoT devices. Its modular construction made of sensors, connectivity and field buses plug-ins allow virtually all possible functional block association.

Sofia Menzu

The portfolio of Sofia Menzu modules ranges from tiny fully integrated modules of the Sofia Menzu Nano family up to the Sofia Menzu Premium electronic platform with stackable connectivity plug-ins. As a user, you can rely on Sofia Technologies design services to adapt the electronics of your IoT devices to become suitable for deployment and volume production, once your PoC has been completed. You can build your final devices based on the same technology you have based your PoC without worrying about the consequences of a technology change. Similarly, you could move to volume production with Sofia Menzu modules as they are industrial grade and pre-qualified for field deployment.

Sofia Menzu modules combine with Sofia Networks platform to include everything from the sensors to the business applications in the cloud

Sofia Networks is a self-operated, pre-configured IoT platform that brings modular electronics for off-the-shelf connected sensors, the connectivity to the cloud, the device management, the data storage and data visualization presets.

iot platform

Enroll your device and get your remote data instantly feeding IoT services. Sofia Networks out-of-the-box services make the enrollment of your device a quick and simple task, before sensor data can flow in the communication pipe you have set. From your console, you can manage the data itself, move it to your processes and services, or display it in live dashboards. Sofia Networks come with different business profiles per industry you can activate to ease the build of bespoke dashboards.

“Acquiring new competences is essential for an R&D service company like Sofia Technologies, who have to keep up with new fast-growing technologies like Mesh Connectivity. Having a preferred access and benefiting from a 1st class support to Wirepas Mesh technologies bring Sofia Technologies’ customers with future-proof solutions for their highly competitive applications”, says Amine Lasram, CEO at Sofia Europa, a subsidiary of Sofia Technologies.

What does Wirepas Mesh bring to the IoT connectivity

Many of our customers are active in industries that require applications with some sort of mesh IoT connectivity. As a matter of facts, they rely on Sofia Technologies to turn their needs to suitable connectivity technologies and Wirepas Mesh IoT is most of the time offering the best fit for scalability, low power and industrial grade reliability. This has built the foundation of a profound partnership.

Sofia Technologies helps you develop, deploy and grow your IoT platforms and services

Though a key competence of Sofia Technologies, the integration of a mesh connectivity solution is always complex and requires lot of care. To our surprise, this integration in Sofia Menzu modules turned out being easy and quick. This motivated us to do more with Wirepas Mesh technologies and build a closer relationship between our respective companies.

“We are excited to welcome Sofia Technologies to our ecosystem. We are seeing increasing interest in our wireless RF mesh technology from France and North Africa and Sofia Technologies will be a perfect partner to help us to enter this new market in North Africa. Having a trusted and experienced partner able to provide fast prototyping modules, capability to customize the software and offer volume production is a great asset for us”, says Oula Välipakka, Director of Sales and Business Development at Wirepas.

Available now

Sofia Menzu modules with Wirepas Mesh IoT connectivity will be demonstrated live at IoT World Paris, 23–24 September 2020. Please visit Sofia Technologies and ask for a demo at our booth A24.

Further information:
Didier DUSCLAUX, +33 6 78 48 12 27,
Oula VÄLIPAKKA, +358 40 552 2000,

Read more about Sofia Technologies on our Partner website