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Wirepas and OR Technologies partner to deliver the connectivity at the core of their IoT Lighting Control platform

March 19, 2018 - Wirepas


OR Technologies, based in Melbourne, Australia has partnered with Wirepas as a key technical partner in the delivery of the connectivity underlying the IoT solution for its Organic Response range of lighting controls. The implementation of this presence-aware lighting innovation provides significant energy savings while maintaining exceptional levels of occupant comfort. OR Technologies has built its controls platform using a massively scalable asynchronous communication framework to enable rapid deployment of plug & play and low-latency lighting control products.

“We are proud of our partnership with OR Technologies in this extremely exciting application area. What is exceptional in this partnership, is that it took a very short time for OR Technologies to integrate Wirepas Mesh as a part of their product suite and platform. This intelligent range of lighting controls is a promising development with a great future”, Wirepas CEO, Teppo Hemiä says.

Wirepas Mesh is a wireless, low-power IoT network protocol that can be used to connect, locate and identify lights, sensors, beacons, assets, machines and meters in cities, buildings, industry, logistics and energy – with unprecedented scale, density, flexibility and reliability. It can be used on any radio hardware and on any frequency band without the use of repeaters.


Further information:

  • Sebastian Linko, Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Investor Relations
    +358 (0)40 023 6607, sebastian.linko(at)

About Wirepas

Wirepas is focused on providing the most reliable, optimized, scalable and easy-to-use device connectivity for its customers. Wirepas Connectivity is a Wide Area Mesh protocol that can be used in any device, with any radio chip and on any radio band. With Wirepas Mesh there is no need for traditional repeaters because every wireless device is a smart router of the network. The connected devices form the network— easy as that. Wirepas has its headquarters in Tampere, Finland, and offices in Australia, France, Germany, South Korea, the UK, India and the United States. Things connected—Naturally

About OR Technologies

OR Technologies combines world-class research and development in IoT solutions, intimate customer knowledge and global reach to deliver integrated smart lighting solutions of the future, today.

With energy savings high on everyone’s agenda, energy efficient lighting has become an essential element of any infrastructure project. With constant pressure to reduce operating costs, building managers are now looking for insights into how their assets can be utilised most efficiently. Creating a cost effective lighting control solution, that also delivers on building analytics while maintaining occupancy comfort and elegance of use  is a challenge.

OR Technologies provides this solution to its customers. Based on a technology inspired by nature, the Organic Response range of products and the underlying algorithms allow large organisations to save resources on multiple fronts.