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Wirepas ecosystem grows with a new partner – presenting Axilera

February 12, 2020 - Mirva Saarijärvi

axilera PR

Axilera, a US based engineering design services company headquartered in Silicon Valley, a European project management office based in London, and design centers in both Israel and Ukraine. Axilera specializes in innovation and engineering solution for mesh products in particular, and in the IoT space in general.

Wirepas Mesh provides a scalable and cost-effective solution to connect and localize lights, assets and sensors. Its unique low-power mesh operation allows the creation of fully battery-operated networks with many years of battery lifetime.

By partnering with Wirepas, Axilera adds the ability to deliver a full range of mesh-based engineering solutions. Axilera has worked with its customer base to create mesh-based solutions for Lighting, Asset Tracking, and Sensing. Axilera provides solutions for the full IoT stack, including deeply Embedded Products, Gateway Products, Cloud Solutions and Mobile Applications required to provision, operate and support the IoT product.

Axilera has access to unique IP needed to support various vertical solutions. Furthermore, Axilera partners with a variety of hardware manufacturers to be able to create short time-to-market solutions.

“We are excited to partner with Wirepas and to provide mutual customers with unprecedented engineering solutions”, says Amir Fuhrmann, CEO and co-founder of Axilera. “We are absolutely convinced the Wirepas technology is the perfect technology which will allow for Axilera’s customers to develop radically attractive products”.

“We are extremely happy to welcome Axilera to the Wirepas ecosystem. Axilera knows the industry and customer needs very well, but also the limitations of the existing technologies. They are an ideal partner thanks to their experience and capabilities of building solutions for customer needs. Our combined offering gives an excellent position in the market!”, says Jani Vehkalahti, SVP, Global Sales at Wirepas.

Further information:

Amir Fuhrmann, CEO, +1-408-391-8533,

About Axilera

Axilera provides software solutions for mesh products and solutions for Industrial IoT and Smart Environments. Founded by a team of engineers with expertise in wireless and IT technologies, Axilera has quickly established itself as one of the leading global players in BLE mesh technology.

Axilera Partner Information

axilera logo black and white
axilera logo black and white