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Wirepas welcomes Cetus as a partner to its ecosystem

July 18, 2019 - Wirepas


Cetus is a Lithuanian company that has joined the Wirepas ecosystem to enhance their offering for their customers. Since 2008 the company has offered its customers top notch IT infrastructure management, security and control systems solutions as well as maintenance services. They started implementing IoT solutions in 2018 and now will start building their offering with Wirepas as well.

Cetus mainly concentrates in the following fields in IoT development:

  •  smart offices with indoor location, workplace (hot desking or flex seating) booking, meeting room booking and environment monitoring in offices,
  • Agriculture – green houses, farms
  • Laboratories – air and environment monitoring.

Now Cetus is ready with the Wirepas Mesh and beacons(nodes) functionality demonstrations for these markets. The reason they chose Wirepas is, because Wirepas provides flexible remote monitoring and configuration of beacons allowing to set things such as advertisement interval, transmit power, used channels and the beacon payload. It also allows monitoring of beacon battery levels and the firmware update. De-centralized data flow is well optimized for use on battery powered devices.

“Working with Wirepas has been easy and the level of support is great. Our partnership enhances Cetus to develop a wide range of innovative solutions, from smart offices to asset tracking and environment and air quality monitoring for agriculture, laboratories, furniture producers and etc.”, says Romas Remeika, the CEO of Cetus.

Wirepas Mesh enables multiple use cases and having such a great new partner providing solutions with the technology speeds the adoption. We welcome Cetus into the ecosystem!


For more information, please contact:

Audrius Banza, IoT Project Manager:

Kristiina Siegfried, Inside Sales Manager, kristiina.siegfried@wirepas.local