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Wirepas welcomes CRESCO Wireless to its ecosystem

June 4, 2020 - Mirva Saarijärvi


CRESCO Wireless, Inc. (CWI), a Japanese company specialized in the design of Bluetooth products including Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) tags, beacons and gateways has signed a partnership with Wirepas teaming up to serve the growing need in the market for reliable well-designed IoT devices. Wirepas has always emphasized the importance of its blooming ecosystem and having the top-notch players serving the industry together with Wirepas. Now, CWI joins the Wirepas ecosystem for the Japan market. With this partnership, CWI can extend the functionalities of its products, including mesh network and cable free asset and people localization systems. They will also provide sales and technical support to Japanese customers who are willing to integrate Wirepas solutions into their products or solutions.

CWI is one of the pioneers in the Bluetooth product market including BLE, with experience of more than 20 years, since 2000.

  • CWI provides development or engineering solutions on both hardware and software of Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • CWI has its own products such as BLE beacons and sensors, WiFi/BLE bridge, LTE/BLE gateway, GPS/BLE tracker etc. for IoT applications mainly to solution vendors for:
    • proximity detection
    • people localization
    • asset tracking
    • condition monitoring
    • access control systems.

While providing hardware or engineering services to existing business partners in Japan, CWI has recognized a strong demand and business opportunities to integrate Wirepas Mesh to solutions. End users have been facing problems or issues using existing hardware or network systems. These challenges have inspired them to integrate Wirepas Mesh solution into their products. CWI will also provide sales and technical support to anyone wanting to use Wirepas Mesh solutions in their hardware or solutions as a local agent.

“We are seeing increasing demand for massive IoT applications and products in the Japanese market. It is important to have local partners that extend the Wirepas market reach. We are pleased to establish a partnership with CWI as they are a well recognized wireless product company in the Japanese market.” Jani Vehkalahti, SVP Global sales. 

Wirepas ecosystem has over 150 companies adapting the Wirepas mesh IoT connectivity software. Wirepas Mesh can be used for various applications such as asset tracking, lighting, condition monitoring, environmental and occupancy sensoring and smart metering. In many use cases there is a need to combine sensors and actuators in the same Wirepas Mesh network to leverage the wireless connectivity to its’ full potential.

Its unique low power mesh operation allows the creation of fully battery-operated networks with years of battery lifetime. Meanwhile Wirepas Mesh offers operation with a high throughput low latency mode for lighting use cases. Wirepas Mesh provides a scalable and cost-effective solution to connect and localize sensors.

The connectivity packaged with the Wirepas Positioning Engine enables the customer to create solutions that are easy to install with a scalable location system for a wide range of applications. The solution consists of a fully battery-operated infrastructure for asset tracking without the need for complex planning and cabling costs. The 5-5-5 promise delivers the typical performance of 5 meters of accuracy, location with 5 minutes reporting intervals with a 5 years of battery lifetime both on the asset tags and the infrastructure leading to an infrastructure cost of 0.05€/m²/year. 

Further information:

Shogo Moriyama, CEO, +81 3 5746 6800, moriyama(at)

Jani Vehkalahti, Global Sales, +358 400 375 915, jani.vehkalahti(at)

About CWI

CWI provides Bluetooth products and solutions for both industrial IoT and consumer market products. Founded by a team of engineers with expertise in wireless and IT technologies, CWI has quickly established itself as one of the leading Bluetooth technology oriented engineering company and its core members are almost only team in Japan who have been working for Bluetooth technology industry for more than 20 years.

You can also find CWI on the Wirepas partner site.