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Wirepas welcomes Ubitel into the ecosystem

July 8, 2020 - Mirva Saarijärvi


Founded in 2004 and based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ubitel builds and integrates a full range of Industrial IoT and real-time location-aware solutions and services. Ubitel provides highly qualified consultants for project pre-assessment and execution tasks like ROI analysis, field testing, integration to existing systems, network and application security solutions, integration of available wireless networks and services. The guarantee and prove of the high quality are the customers that are coming from wide range of industries, including gas and oil suppliers, steel and aluminium factories, power plants, emergency services providers, healthcare, security providers, museums etc. Ubitel is a recognised leader in cutting edge wireless location engineering and IoT solutions.

Ubitel has been engaged with Wirepas Mesh since August 2019 — together with Capelon (Sweden) it ran several successful pilots on lighting control. Another Ubitel’s partner company Battery Intelligence Oy that currently builds a new product on industrial battery monitoring based on Wirepas Mesh. As soon as the the product is ready, Ubitel will offer it on the Russian market. Wirepas Mesh is an extremely promising technology for the Russian market that currently shows an extreme growth adoption rate for digitalization solutions for many verticals such as lighting control, factory automation, etc. Ubitel has a proven its expertise within those fields for more than 16 years.

Ubitel is looking forward to establishing cooperation between the companies producing various products based on Wirepas Mesh; as well as enjoying a Partner status, start development of own products based on Wirepas Mesh ecosystem.”, says Managing Director Olga Sapega of Ubitel.

We are delighted and excited to have Ubitel as our sales and business development partner in Russia. We see a rapidly growing demand for low power wireless mesh technology in Russia, especially in the fields of smart lighting and industrial IoT. It is extremely important to have a trusted and experienced partner to present Wirepas and our wireless mesh technology when entering a new market, and therefore we are very excited to work with Ubitel in this matter. To shorten time to market, Ubitel also has an experienced software development team to speed up customers to develop applications.” , add Jani Vehkalahti, SVP of Sales at Wirepas.

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