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October 11, 2017

Juha Salokannel and Florean Curticapean join Wirepas R&D

Wirepas is adding two new talents, Juha Salokannel and Florean Curticapean in its already impressive group of experts. Salokannel will join Wirepas as a Senior Protocol System Engineer, while Curticapean will join the team as the Head of Positioning.

Salokannel has an impressive professional history, with extensive work in Bluetooth Low Energy, while working for Nokia for nearly the past two decades. Salokannel was a crucial part of the team that created BLE in 2001, and made it in to the successful radio-standard that it is today. Apart from his brilliant work in BLE, Salokannel has over 50 granted US patents in various fields. Salokannel will join Wirepas to further develop the Wirepas Connectivity software.

“I’m excited to join Wirepas, because of the fascinating Wirepas Connectivity protocolsoftware. My goal is to make an impact for the future, by developing the software even further”, Salokannel, says.

Due to the increasing need for positioning in the IoT connectivity market, Wirepas has reacted by investing time and personnel to further development of these solutions. One of the greatest efforts is the addition of the new Head of positioning. Curticapean will join Wirepas from Qualcomm. Curticapean has previously made an impact working with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). He has developed advanced navigation algorithms and software utilizing all GNSS constellations in use now by millions of mobile phones around the world.

“It is expected that billions of IoT devices will be deployed in the future. As a result, the question where are they ? will arise. In order to answer that question, a scalable IoT positioning solution will be provided by Wirepas in addition to connectivity. ” Curticapean says.

Wirepas warmly welcomes both Salokannel and Curticapean to the company!

Wirepas has an extremely experienced, ambitious and passionate team. For its employees, Wirepas offers an opportunity to be part of an industrial and business revolution. It offers a possibility to make an impact to the world we are living in.

If you got interested , check out our ”Careers” section for open positions and send your application to applications(at)wirepas.com.