February 11, 2016

Case Nokeval

Wirepas connects Nokeval sensors

Nokeval has released a new product series based on Wirepas Connectivity. Nokeval helps its customers to continuously monitor the environmental conditions such us temperature, humidity, air quality and dust.

Nokeval’s environmental sensors are wireless – for several reasons. Installation needs to be easy and new measurement points added on the fly. Devices are also often installed in places, where it is simply impossible to use wired solutions.

“We had a specified business need. We wanted to be able to provide a reliable and cost efficient sensor solution for our customers operating in demanding environments. With Wirepas Connectivity we are able to add value to our customers and gain competitive advantage.”, Nokeval CTO Jani Vähäsöyrinki says.

The reliability of the connectivity solution is crucial for Nokeval and its customers. Nokeval has tested Wirepas Connectivity and qualified that it meets the high requirements.

“Wirepas Connectivity can be used in countless applications in almost every industry. Smart sensors are a good example of what Internet of Things is today. It is not a vision or a dream – it is reality.” Wirepas CEO, Teppo Hemiä concludes.

With Wirepas, there is no need for traditional repeaters, because every wireless device is a smart router of the network and each device increases the coverage of the network.