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September 11, 2019

Oula Välipakka joins Wirepas as Director, Sales and Business Development

Wirepas is strengthening its global sales team by appointing Oula Välipakka as the Director, Sales and Business Development. Välipakka will be responsible for successful growth in outbound sales and business development.

“We are extremely happy to welcome Oula to the team. The global success with our key accounts like Maersk and Prologis has stretched our capability to focus on new business. The energy that Oula brings to us is not only important to the success of Wirepas, but also to the success of our customers. Oula, with his diverse background and connections, is the right person to drive our outbound sales,” says Jani Vehkalahti, SVP of Global Sales at Wirepas.

“I’m thrilled to join Wirepas at the stage, when massive IoT is getting really mature. It’s not about hype anymore, but concrete practical use cases and most importantly, measurable business returns. The opportunities around massive IoT are limitless and Wirepas, together with its ecosystem, are playing a big role in it. ”, says Oula Välipakka.

Oula has gained a diverse professional experience from engineering to foreign direct investments from companies like Nokia, ST-Ericsson, Business Tampere and Demola Global.

Additional information: Jani Vehkalahti, SVP of Global Sales, jani.vehkalahti(at)wirepas.com