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Create breakthrough connected IoT solutions using Wirepas Mesh

Wirepas Mesh is easy to use and to integrate as a part of partners offering. For our partners, we offer the possibility to gain competitive edge and grow their market share in large-scale industrial IoT.

What’s in it for me?

Wirepas Mesh enables you to address the growing industrial scale IoT market. By providing best-in-class wireless connectivity you can help to ensure that your customer’s data is always received reliable, promptly and securely with a cost-effective solution.

Our value propositions for partners


For Semiconductors

Target new use cases and industrial IoT applications with your existing and planned radio chipsets to increase sales volumes. These could be SoCs or transceivers working together with discrete MCUs –Wirepas Mesh supports both. With an easy to implement Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) any modern, open radio hardware can be supported with Wirepas Mesh. A full SDK is provided to licensees allowing customer applications to run alongside the protocol – enabling your customers to hit the competitive price points required in the IoT market.

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For Radio Modules

TEnable your radio modules to stand-out from the commoditized crowd with unique Wirepas Mesh functionality. New application areas open up in the Industrial IoT market leading to greater volume shipments. Wirepas Mesh is supported on a growing number of popular 2.4GHz and sub-GHz chipsets allowing you to continue to work with your favored silicon provider. Test and certification documentation and software is available to allow for efficient pre-certification of wireless modules against global standards such as the EU Radio Equipment Directive.

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For Gateways

Gateways are an essential part of the IoT landscape, allowing the Wirepas Mesh devices to communicate with other systems over cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet backhaul connections. Working within the Wirepas ecosystem will expose you to many projects requiring the use of a gateway device. Enabling Wirepas Mesh in your gateway design is simple and straightforward. Select a supported radio chipset or wireless module, incorporate into the hardware design and then use Wirepas’ platform agnostic gateway software to get data to and from the Wirepas Mesh.

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For Design Houses

The IoT market is fast evolving. Customers are looking for unique hardware designs, such as custom sensor types, powered by Wirepas Mesh. We have pre-ported the Wirepas Mesh to a growing number of readily available radio chipsets and wireless modules to make it easy for you to create custom designs. Well documented hardware and software requirements speed your time to design completion. Re-use your existing designs based on common radio hardware with Wirepas Mesh. Engage with end-user members of the Wirepas ecosystem and gain new design wins leading to increased design services revenue.

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For OEM’s

Regardless of the market you serve from energy to lighting to enterprise asset management, incorporating Wirepas Mesh enables you to sell products with reliable, scalable wireless connectivity as an inherent capability. The products come off your product lines connected. Design in cost is reduced due to the use of off the shelf radio hardware. Easy to use SDKs, documentation and support allow you to create cost-efficient devices quickly whilst targeting new markets and use cases.

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For IoT Platforms

Let Wirepas Mesh enabled devices take care of getting data to and from your platform reliable, efficiently and securely. Whatever the application and radio challenges, deep indoors or in rural areas, Wirepas Mesh will deliver increased volumes of data to your platform. As a focused company, Wirepas delivers the connectivity, freeing you to focus on analyzing, visualizing and storing your customer’s data. Wirepas Mesh is simple to configure and use. Well documented gateway code, including IPv6 support, allows for smooth integration with the platform.

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For Connectivity Service Providers

Grappling with the problem of how to support the scale of massive IoT and the increased data volumes created without massive investment in infrastructure? Wirepas Mesh can help to create fit-for-purpose connectivity services, without additional investment in network infrastructure. The broad variety of existing Wirepas hardware partners allows quick and easy deployments with Wirepas Mesh.

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For System Integrators

Addressing the business needs of your customers by applying IoT can be challenging. Enterprises wish to focus on the operational efficiencies that can be realized through better data and telemetry coming from operations. With Wirepas Mesh, positioning engine and Network Tool coupled with the rich eco-system of ready to go hardware partners provides you with all the building blocks needed to simply create solutions to business problems, leveraging the reliable, secure and efficient Wirepas Mesh.

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Business model

Partnering with Wirepas is straightforward and transparent. A simple perpetual per-unit royalty is the heart of our business operations. Either license directly from Wirepas and enjoy the full benefits or execute a partner license where your customers pay royalties to Wirepas.

Wirepas supports partners and customers with an extensive range of co-marketing activities to drive business for the eco-system. Contact Wirepas for further information.

Wirepas offers pre-integrated and tested solutions on a variety of radio chipsets reducing time to market and increasing choice of chipset.

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How to get going?

Choose an off-the-shelf radio or wireless module from a Wirepas partner. Maybe there is a device in the eco-system that fits your needs and already supports Wirepas? If you wish to use an alternative that is not currently supported these can be easily enabled by Wirepas based on business evaluation of the relationship’s potential.

Hardware requirements

Wirepas can operate in battery operated or mains powered devices. Based on the application area and chosen frequency band the best performing radio can be chosen.

Memory requirements

A minimum of 256 KiB flash should be allocated for the Wirepas stack including space to support OTA updates.

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