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Keep track of your assets

Achieve the inventory and location data of your assets automatically at any given time.

Data collection for all needs

IoT for asset management means harvesting data for business intelligence. This helps to make profitable decisions to enhance and develop the business with connected assets.

Efficient data collection systems enable turnkey solutions that offer reports such as:

  1. What is in stock (stock levels)
  2. Where are the goods exactly
  3. When did my goods arrive in stock
  4. When were they sent out
  5. How to get them sent out faster and more efficiently
  6. What is the condition of my goods
  7. Where is the personnel at any given time
  8. Who performed a specific task

The turnkey solutions are enabled by our system integrator and solution provider as well as partners in our ecosystem.

Successful Asset Management

Wirepas Mesh offers data collection for all needs and environments. The most common data needs in the field of asset management are time-stamped inventory levels as well as location data and sensor data, such as temperature and acceleration. Depending on the use case, further data and bi-directional communication both to and from the tracked asset may be needed as well.

Wirepas Mesh is a solution that offers data collection for the following main markets:

  • Warehouse environments (incl. distribution centers)
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Oil, gas and mining
  • Construction

Collecting Location Data

Gathering the location data in indoor logistics with the Wirepas Mesh is fully automated.

The asset location is derived of the data with a positioning engine.

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