Increased operating efficiency with Wirepas Mesh

Building automation gets outdated quickly, dragging down the value of multi-dwell housing as well as industrial and office buildings. Wirepas Mesh allows you to integrate latest innovation to all buildings making them smart, automated and easy-to-update.

Keeps your building up-to-date

The overall lifetime of buildings is exceeding the innovation cycles in building automation. The average lifecycle of buildings ranges from 30 years for commercial and industrial buildings to 100 years for multi-dwell housing. Many refurbishments, installations and upgrade-investments are made during this time in order to keep or increase the total value of the real estate.

With Wirepas Mesh, service providers have all means to consistently offer and integrate innovation in their customers premises. It allows a coherent approach for real estate operators and owners to run more data and more actuation points in the buildings over time without being locked into one vendor system or being limited by coverage.

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Features and benefits

Predictive maintenance, lighting management, alarms, sub metering, door lock control, asset and people location – Wirepas Mesh reflects all use cases in a sustainable approach:

  • High density of nodes in robust environments with 99.9 SLA
  • New applications/devices can be connected seamlessly
  • Low latency services like indoor lighting use the same mesh as low power devices like heatcost allocators
  • Derivative positioning engine opens door to tenant centric professional services
  • No vendor-lock in Radio hardware for sensor or meter suppliers
  • No limits in scale – service levels are pushed to the limits of physics laws
  • No additional infrastructure invest – Existing WAN (e.g. elevator alarm connection) can be used as uplink
  • Full transparency and privacy protection for all devices
  • Easy to test – fast to implement

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