Better quality of life for cities

Growing population is a huge challenge for city authorities. To offer citizens access to clean air and good services a lot of information from millions of sensors need to be captured - Wirepas mesh is the only communication solution that grows number of sensor nodes and applications without growing the IoT-connectivity budget.

Low cost for highly scalable city IoT

Every city has unique primary challenges that define the starting point for becoming a smart city. Use cases can be waste collection, parking, lighting, pollution detection etc. No matter what kind of use case you start your smart city implementation with, it should not determine the communication infrastructure for the next wave of IoT-based services.

Wirepas Mesh offers you an approach that enables smart solutions in your city to grow organically with no risk to overrun the communication budget – simply because you don’t need additional infrastructure. On top of that you can maintain full independence to choose the best fitting application provider for each use case without being locked-in by any service provider.

Scalable connectivity with lowest possible budget enables better quality of life in cities all over the world. If you want to find out how exactly to reach this – let us know or try our KPI calculator.

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Wirepas Mesh embedded software can be your key enabler for citizen services with low cost yet high quality:

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