Finding assets in indoor logistics

Have a clear view of your assets’ location at a defined area.

Easy and automated indoor logistics

Wirepas Mesh is a device based and decentralized data collection method that enables easy and automated location data for indoor logistics. Indoor logistics can also refer to a defined area outside to be tracked.

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Features and benefits

Wirepas Mesh combined with Wirepas Positioning Engine delivers easy and automated location data for logistics in defined areas, be they indoor or outdoor.

How does it work?

  • Each asset is tagged.
  • The environment, where the tracking happens, is equipped with anchor devices that act as reference points for the location of the assets.
  • The tags on the assets scan their surroundings for anchor devices. The strongest connection to an anchor device is used for the location.
  • The tags send their ID with a timestamp and their location data to the anchor nodes.
  • This data is forwarded to the gateway through the network and onwards to a cloud where it is calculated and crunched through a positioning engine.

After that the data is available for any backend system to use for applications, analysis, reports and alarms.

Smart Lighting can also act as an infrastructure for the location data. Any light fixture that is connected with Wirepas Mesh can also be used as an anchor device for the positioning.


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ABI Research: Lindström Group re-inventing workflow optimization with Haltian Thingsee and Wirepas Mesh

CS Wirepas Lindstrom Haltian pdf image

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