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You have chosen the hardware - Wirepas Mesh software adds the flexible wireless connectivity that lends itself to any IoT application. Our licensing policy is a simple and transparent per unit licensing fee.

Easy start, fair business model with no recurring fees

Wirepas offers a software solution that can be used on a variety of off-the-shelf radio hardware and wireless modules. Before shipping a Wirepas Mesh enabled device, a software license agreement must be executed with Wirepas.

Business Model

This is a straightforward commercial discussion with transparent business model and pricing structure. Key to the business model is the fact that there are no recurring fees for the connectivity – a perpetual per unit license fee is due when devices are shipped to the market.

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Features and benefits

Standard support and maintenance is offered that entitles the licensee to on-going support services and access to new versions including bug fixes and feature enhancements. Customers are free to take the latest software versions into use. New versions often give feature enhancements or performance improvements and customers are free to take the benefit of Wirepas’ agility and speed of development.

Once a license agreement is in place then access is given to the Wirepas Mesh software, the Software Development Kit (SDK), associated documentation and technical support.

The stack software supports the basic connectivity functions allowing the creation of a Wirepas Mesh network. SDKs, reference code for applications and gateway software are also available to quickly build the IoT application.

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