Intelligent lighting with Wirepas Mesh

The demands for lighting are growing all the time. The whole industry is evolving fast to offer smart systems that help to minimize energy usage, improve the lighting experience and gather data both in building and city-wide. Data gathering in particular is placing unprecedented demands on the wireless solutions used to connect the various elements of the lighting control and sensing systems.

The evolution of lighting control

Light is a fundamental part of everybody’s lives. Human-centric lighting with affordable energy consumption improves people’s safety and productivity.

Lighting systems can provide the infrastructure to capture additional data from their surroundings. Various sensors including occupancy, motion and air quality can be incorporated into these systems to enable business cases in addition to basic lighting control, including:

  • Occupancy management
  • Asset tracking
  • Conditional building maintenance
  • Building energy management

Reliable and performant wireless connectivity is a key enabler. This is where Wirepas Mesh comes in. Operating at any frequency on off-the-shelf radio chipsets and wireless modules, Wirepas Mesh can be easily incorporated into lighting control for both indoor and outdoor systems.

Uniquely, key requirements are addressed including:

  • Low-latency operation – below the limits of human perception
  • High data rates – for data intensive IoT use cases
  • Interoperability with other devices including Bluetooth™ smart devices

Many organizations are experiencing the benefit of Wirepas Mesh for intelligent lighting systems. Join them by contacting Wirepas.

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