Boost your efficiency with connected machines and vehicles

More useful data means more efficiency. In Industry 4.0 it means connecting the machinery and vehicles into an IoT network that collects data on their usage levels, location and condition. From factory floor to forests, from oil and gas refineries to mines and construction sites - accurate and reliable data prevents problems and helps daily decision-making.

Make your machines and vehicles connected

To get the most out of your machines and vehicles, you’ll need to step to the data-driven future. What is the current location and utilization rate of your machinery? Are the environmental conditions within recommendations? Are the machines used properly and are there signs of maintenance needs? Connected machines and vehicles have the answers for you.

Fleet and health management

The location data and utilization rates are important for fleet management. They enable you to locate your machines and vehicles at any given time to ensure that they are used to their maximum levels and where they are needed the most.

Collecting up-to-date condition data from a machine – be it factory floor or on-site – is vital for preventive maintenance. Service and repair to e.g. a forestry machine deep in the forests will be a very expensive operation. Breakdown of an important machine in manufacturing can slow down the production for days and cause big losses. Being able to react to shocks and vibration levels indicating maintenance need before a breakdown will save time in production and money on the bottom line.

Different health monitoring needs:

  • shock
  • vibration levels
  • temperature

You’ll want to make sure that the expensive machinery is in good condition and used in ways they are meant to be used, to be able to make warranty claims in case of premature breakdowns.

Industry 4.0 is about having a network that can offer all this data without being geographically restricted, meaning separate sites can be in the same network, making the data management easy.

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