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Wirepas Mesh in Paris Metro

This case study will explain the case where French railway company SNFC chose ELA Innovation & Wirepas Mesh to ensure the safety of the Paris...

Ensto Workspaces – Smart Office and Personalized Lighting Solution

Ensto Workspaces is flexible, Wirepas –based control system, which can adapt buildings and users need for whole buildings lifecycle.

Smart Mesh Network Supply-Chain Monitoring

The powerful SolidRun gateway & Wirepas Mesh is the key to designing the smart supply-chain monitoring networks of tomorrow.

Smart shopping malls thrill visitors, drive profit

Project UFOund: Improving Hospital Logistics with IoT

Case study on project UFOund: Improving Hospital Logistics with IoT. Wirepas, together with multiple ecosystem members, transform the Children’s Hospital in Utrecht in to a...

Evaluation Kit Overview

Ready to evaluate Wirepas Mesh? Download this document to find out the contents of the evaluation kit and get all the technical details needed.

Smart Lighting Brochure

Discover how Wirepas Mesh can help you deliver large scale, robust smart lighting platforms with remote monitoring and office space analysis.

Wirepas Mesh for Location Data

Datasheet describing the possibilities of location data using Wirepas Mesh. In addition, the datasheet gives detailed information on the Wirepas Positioning Engine, it's capabilities, features...

Use Case: Assets in all corners

Find out how implementing IoT in asset tracking, can help you improve efficiency, decrease production time and save you money. This use case highlights asset...

ABI Research: Lindström Group re-inventing workflow optimization with Haltian Thingsee and Wirepas Mesh

ABI Research article on an innovative new IoT deployment in the area of facility and workflow management. As part of its FlowAbility service, Lindström Group,...

Use case: Staff safety

When the alarm sounds off, is your staff safe and sound?

Use case: Office equipment tracking

Got lost rearranging your furniture?

The Rise of Autonomous Device Networks – What drives IoT business models?

A joint white paper by Wirepas and Frost & Sullivan examining the different industrial IoT use cases and their requirements for the connectivity.

Forget the buzzword IoT – It’s just about data-driven decision making in asset management

A white paper discussing IoT and especially connectivity in asset management – from challenges to processes that work

Cost-Efficient and Reliable Internet of Things Connectivity for Smart Lighting

An application paper focusing on the benefits of decentralized networks in smart lighting applications

Wirepas Mesh Overview

An introduction to the features and benefits of Wirepas Mesh

Massive IoT- different technologies for different needs

A white paper by Northstream, commissioned by Wirepas, with the aim to provide an objective and independent view on connectivity technologies for massive IoT.

Customer Spotlight: Hafslund Nett Reinvents Smart Metering with a Wide Area Mesh Network

IDC (International Data Corporation), the global provider of market intelligence has produced a case study of the unique smart metering deployment covering 700.000 electricity connections...

Achieving automation with light process changes

A white paper in asset management focusing on the benefits of legacy bar code systems with supporting technologies.

2017 European Internet of Things Award by Frost and Sullivan

Wirepas was named the recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Product Leadership Award in the European Internet of Things market. In its decision to choose...

Asset Management: Use Case in Hospital

A use case explaining how you could benefit from using Wirepas Connectivity in a healthcare institution.

Asset Management: Use case in transport

A use case explaining how you could benefit from using Wirepas Connectivity when transporting valuable goods.