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Webinar: Deployment of a Mesh network indoor localization solution on a construction site

April 28, 2020 - Wirepas

ela INNOVATION webinar

How to secure and optimize a construction site thanks to indoor geolocation with Mesh network ?

Learn in 45 minutes how Omniscient (branch of Bouygues construction), ELA innovation and Wirepas deployed an indoor geolocation for the staff and equipment on a construction site in Asia.

The main objective? To ensure the safety of all 1 800 staff working on the construction site using the platform for locating each one of them with an accuracy under 10m (33 feet)

You will find out how the solution deployed made it possible to:
•    Secure a construction site over 51 floors and 1 800 staff membersSecure the production line
•    Optimize the organization of sub-contractors : adequacy of resources / planning / priorities
•    Mesure completion times by floors and trades

The following key points will be covered:
•    Customer issues and needs
•    The technical functioning of the solution implemented
•    The technical deployment of the solution
•    A feedback and the nexrt steps of the project

At the end of the presentation, our speakers will take time to answer all your questions on this subject.

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