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Wirepas Webinar recordings 2020

September 16, 2020 - Mirva Saarijärvi

Wirepas Webinars

Wirepas has hosted several webinars together with their partners during 2020. We have now gathered the webinar recording videos from the webinar platform and uploaded them to the Wirepas YouTube channel. We are also sharing links to videos of webinars hosted by our partners. We invite everyone to have a look at the videos.

Wirepas hosted webinars on YouTube:

Ingy: Lighting and beyond – Link to webinar recording

RedLore: Supply chain visibility through IoT mesh – Link to webinar recording

How to succeed in massive IoT with mesh technology: Link to webinar recording

COOLON: Construction digitisation through Smart Lighting – Link to webinar recording

Symbiotech: Massive IoT in months – Link to webinar recording

DimOnOff: Benefits of deploying large-scale all-in-one smart systems for cities, utilities and businesses with open API’s – Link to webinar recording

LanternEdge: Deploying massive IoT in harsh and haxardous environments – Link to the webinar recoding

Webinars hosted by Wirepas Partners:

Helvar: Freedom Partner Series – Link to the recording

u-Blox: How to scale up your mesh network for massive deployment – Link to the recording

ELA Innovation: Deployment of a Mesh network indoor localization solution on a construction site – Link to the recording

Nordic Semiconductor: How to simply manage massive IoT deployments – Link to the recording

Klika Tech: How to Build IoT on a Massive Scale with Wirepas and Amazon Web Services – Link to the Recording