October 22, 2014

Wirepas Pino™ Mesh Network Breakthrough in Smart Metering: Collaboration with Aidon Takes Center Stage

Right after launching Pino[TM], the only fully automatic and distributed Multi-Hop Mesh IoT network in the market, Wirepas is happy to announce their co-operation with Aidon, a leading provider of smart energy metering solutions and smart grid applications. The collaboration is a very concrete leap forward in bringing the Internet of Things to everyday life.

Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas, finds the collaboration a perfect match: “Smart metering requires the highest level of reliability, scalability and optimization of life time costs – all these elements have been key drivers in our Pino development. We are happy and committed to work with Aidon to make the Internet of Things a reality.”

Aidon is a recognized technology vision leader with years of RF based metering experience and the leading supplier of smart metering systems in the Nordic countries. The Wirepas Pino mesh network solution combined with Aidon’s uncompromised application knowhow makes Aidon’s meters a highly desirable choice for energy companies. Aidon has already won significant customers with the collaboration. The effect of the co-operation is staggering: More than 150,000 new meters will be measuring more reliably and cost-effectively than ever before, and this is only the start.

Timo Chrons, CEO of Aidon: “Wirepas and Aidon share the same vision: Uncompromised performance and the total cost of ownership are highly significant when creating an Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution. Both companies work hard to make the solution even better, way above the current market requirements. Future-proof technology means our customers, energy companies and service providers, can concentrate on developing their own businesses.”

For those looking for a closer inspection of Pino, Wirepas will be one of the exhibitors at the European Utility Week in Amsterdam in November.

Download Pino[TM]product brief: https://wirepas.com/Pino_Product_Brief.pdf

About Wirepas

Wirepas was established 2010 as a spinoff from Technical University of Tampere. The company has been quick to live up to its mission to provide world-class, software-based, adaptive, all-market wireless low energy communication solutions to connect Things to the Internet.

About Aidon

Aidon is a growing European provider of smart energy metering solutions and smart grid applications. Aidon’s proven technology and customer-driven innovations improve the efficiency of numerous energy utilities’ daily operations and business processes.

Contact details for Wirepas

Wirepas Oy, Kauhakorvenkatu 52, FI-33720 Tampere Finland. Info@wirepas.com
Teppo Hemiä, CEO +358505610198