December 12, 2017

Witti joins Wirepas ecosystem

Wirepas and Witti are collaborating on a new street lighting application-project based on Wirepas 868MHz profile.
Witti is a French company which designs, produces, installs and distributes connected objects. It also offers related management systems including programming and monitoring of those objects, that can be applied to the management of urban, industrial or agricultural infrastructures.

Witti is offering a platform for smart cities and the smart industry using their lighting concept as the backbone for a possible multi-application wireless network. The ambition is to provide a a network to manage lighting, and to use the same connectivity platform also for waste management, metering, parking and asset tracking.

Witti has decided to choose Wirepas Connectivity because of its:

– Scalability and reliability thanks to decentralized mesh network operation.
– Fit-for-purpose performance thanks to the ability to mix different qualities of services in the same network.
– Flexibility for evolution thanks to built-in Over the Air update capabilities and extended services like positioning.

This allows Witti to be able to have low latency and capacity needed for lighting and at the same time enable low energy consumption for sensors.


Witti in brief

Witti designs, produces, installs and distributes electronic and radiocommunication systems, communicating and programmable sensors and objects, embedded software and monitoring and control software applied to the management of urban, industrial or agricultural infrastructures.
This platform makes it possible to remotely program and supervise connected objects of an application via a bidirectional communication protocol ensuring the exchange of information between a central platform and these connected objects.


Wirepas in brief

Wirepas is focused on providing the most reliable, optimized, scalable and easy to use device connectivity for its customers. Wirepas Connectivity is a de-centralized radio communications protocol that can be used in any device, with any radio chip and on any radio band. With Wirepas Connectivity there is no need for traditional repeaters because every wireless device is a smart router of the network. The connected devices form the network – easy as that. Wirepas has its headquarters in Tampere, Finland and offices in Australia, France, Germany, South Korea, the UK and the United States.

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