Gartner introduces Wirepas as a Cool Vendor in edge computing

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, has published its Cool Vendors in edge computing, 2018. Wirepas is proud to be one of the highlighted companies together with Crosser, IoTium and Kneron.

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Gartner Cool Vendor

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After thousands of years of the sun and fire providing light for people, in the last 140 years we have experienced a revolution in lighting. In the beginning there was the incandescent lamp, it turned on, it turned off and it consumed a lot of power. Then came compact fluorescent energy saving lamps offering massive energy savings. Today, it is LED lighting that is at the forefront of lighting technology and the digitalisation it has enabled. Smart lighting is offering building owners and facility managers the platform to really understand how a building is used and provide the ideal platform for human-centric lighting and offering a WELL Building Standard compliant work environment.

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Connecting buildings with lights

Things Connected – Naturally

In nature things organize themselves in the most efficient, optimized and simple way. The things are communicating making autonomous decisions based on the protocol that is optimized to fulfill the need as efficiently as possible – nothing more, nothing less. This is also what Wirepas is all about.

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