Altran collaborates with Wirepas to develop Location Based Services solutions

Altran, the global leader in engineering and R&D services, has signed a partnership with Wirepas to extend its range of localization solutions services.

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We at Wirepas are focused on developing and offering the most versatile and adaptive protocol for radio communications. A protocol defines how the radio devices act in any given situation – listen before talking, only use the necessary volume etc. It is a decentralized protocol which means that every single radio does the decisions locally and autonomously, but always deterministically with the benefit of the whole network in mind. The protocol has the desired outcomes and a set of rules for the individuals which are built to yield the desired outcomes – in Wirepas Mesh these outcomes are scalability, energy efficiency, density, reliability and flexibility to name a few.

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The Protocol of Christmas

Things Connected – Naturally

In nature things organize themselves in the most efficient, optimized and simple way. The things are communicating making autonomous decisions based on the protocol that is optimized to fulfill the need as efficiently as possible – nothing more, nothing less. This is also what Wirepas is all about.

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