Wirepas and Energy Web Foundation Announce Proof of Concept Wirelessly Connecting Physical Devices to Digital Blockchain

Read more about the collaboration with EWF here!

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"Tampere-based company hires people at a fast pace – the industrial internet changed from words into business”, says a title in a local newspaper from Tampere on the 24th of August 2016. That was the first time I heard about Wirepas, when I had been spending the whole day racking my brain for a theme for my bachelor’s thesis. I was looking for a part-time job alongside my studies, and a rapidly growing global Tampere-based company instantly got my attention. I decided to try my luck. I sent an open application, looked up the Wirepas leadership team in LinkedIn, and in 30 minutes the VP of sales called me. It was all about timing – they had a project that fit perfectly for a topic of my bachelor’s thesis.

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In nature things organize themselves in the most efficient, optimized and simple way. The things are communicating making autonomous decisions based on the protocol that is optimized to fulfill the need as efficiently as possible – nothing more, nothing less. This is also what Wirepas is all about.

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