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BlueUp designes and manufactures Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, tags and devices from 2014, providing products and solutions for Industrial IoT, RTLS, Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS).

Asset tracking
General IoT
Industrial IoT
Smart building
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Alessio Cucini


BlueBeaconTag Wirepas 1

BlueBeacon Tag

BlueBeacon Tag is a keyfob-like battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy tag with full support of Wirepas Mesh features.BlueBeacon Tag can be used as an identification tag for personnel or assets.

  • Accelometer sensor
  • Battery operated

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BlueBeaconCard Wirepas 1

BlueBeacon Card

BlueBeacon Card is a IP67badge-like battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy tag, with full support of Wirepas Mesh.Thanks to its ultra-slim form-factor, it can be worn as an identification card.

  • Accelometer sensor
  • Button
  • Battery operated
  • IP class

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BlueBeaconMeshGateway Wirepas 1

BlueBeacon Mesh Gateway

BlueBeacon Mesh Gateway is a BLE-beacon gateway based in Raspberry Pi 3B, with BT5-ready BLE module and LAN/WLAN interface. It can act as Sink for Wirepas Mesh networks.

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