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Crescent NV

Crescent NV connects all your things and sensors to your cloud. Crescent brand name Option is known for its CloudGate, a programmable and flexible IoT gateway. CloudGate can be used as Wirepas sink.

General IoT
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Wirepas Mesh enabled us to unlock an exciting new range of opportunities for our CloudGate IoT gateway.

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Patrick Willekens


CG LTE rev4 2 1


CloudGate is a programmable and configurable IoT edge gateway. There is a BLE card (with nRF52 module) that is programmed with Wirepas software. In LuvitRED the CloudGate is configured as Wirepas sink

  • Mains powered

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biketracer 1


The biketracer is an IP65 BLE beacon with optional Wirepas software stack so it can be used in a mesh network as well. Besides the ID, the beacon transmits accelerator status and temperature.

  • Temperature sensor
  • Accelometer sensor
  • Battery operated
  • IP class
positioning 1

Indoor localization

CloudGate can be used in combination with Wirepas-enabled tags and anchors to create a user friendly and affordable indoor localization solution. The platform of partner WMW is used for visualization.

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Office occupation 1

Office occupation

By using the accelerometer of BLE beacons with wirepas it is possible to measure office chair occupancy in an accurate and affordable way. The platform of partner WMW can be used for visualisation.

  • Accelometer sensor

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