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Inferrix Limited

Inferrix is a UK based product company with an end-to-end IoT stack: Wirepas Sensors – Lighting Controllers – Gateway – Platform, capable of monitoring & controlling machines & environments.

Asset tracking
General IoT
Industrial IoT
Smart building
Smart lighting
Smart metering
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The Inferrix stack applies to a wide variety of use cases, across verticals. We are deploying Wirepas enabled stack in Smart Cities, Datacenters, Hotels, Retail, Commercial Buildings primarily to "Optimize Energy Usage, Reduce Operations & Maintenance Costs, Set-Up Digital Ceilings through Lighting, Environment Monitoring, Asset Tracking, Wireless Equipment / Machine Control".


Inferrix Gateway 1

Inferrix Wirepas Gateway

The edge intelligence enabled infix Gateway is a real time, flexible and dynamically programmable onsite control point. The infix Gateway can command, control, route processing and encrypt information

  • Mains powered
Inferrix LED Controller 1

Inferrix Lighting Controllers

Inferrix Led Controllers are capable of connecting to any dimmable driver and are suitable for Indoor Lights, Street Lights, High Bay Lights. They Interoperate with Wirepas Sensors,viz. Asset Tracking

  • LED driver
Inferrix WLD 1

Inferrix WLD

Inferrix Water Leak Sensors are compact CR2477 battery operated mesh sensors, with a unique design that has a wired steel mesh at the bottom and water rope on the side.

  • Other sensors and actuators
Inferrix Modbus Controller 1

Inferrix Modbus Controller

Inferrix Modbus Controllers enable Monitoring & Control of any Modbus Machine or Device - cable free and easy to set-up. Deployable with Modbus Meters, HVAC, Pumps, Motors, FAS...

  • Other sensors and actuators

Inferrix Power Sensor

3-Phase Clamp-On Power Sensors - Battery Operated and Mains Powered variant. Very Quick, Cost Effective and Easy Deployment. Work from 32A to 500A+. Status, Run-Hours, Overdraw, Efficiency Tracking