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With JYSE break the walls of IoT complexity.
Build your industrial and IoT Web applications without coding!
JYSE is a zero code Industry 4.0 and IoT software platform provider.

Asset tracking
General IoT
Industrial IoT
Smart building
Smart metering
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We partnered with Wirepas in order to open JYSE to indoor geolocation and massive wireless data collection. Features requested by our users. Thanks to the Wirepas connector, JYSE is able to configure Wirepas Positionning engine, retrieve the mesh network quality data, display the geolocation as well as the wirepas sensors data in a few clicks and always without coding!

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Build your industrial and IoT Web App without coding!
Build, unify, display, monitor, locate and operate any device and data as needed with no coding skills, keeping data ownership, 10 times faster

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