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CoreIoT Technologies Ltd.

CoreIoT Technologies Ltd. is an antenna design company that guarantees the best wireless connectivity to its product. We offer antenna services like antenna design, simulation, testing, & consultancy, as well as antenna products (off-the-shelf and custom-made antennas).

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Mattester Oy is working with Wirepas customers to achieve best antenna performance, this means best possible range for the devices, A good tuned antenna means lower battery consumption, longer range, lower EMC issues, balanced mesh ...etc. We partner with Wirepas in antenna/RF design, testing for its customers achieving full potential of the wirepas mesh technology...

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Dr. Vamsi Palukuru


Antenna Products

We have our own antenna products like off-the-shelf antennas, which are highly recommended due to the verified proof of concept performance and reduced antenna design

Antenna Services

We offer our antenna services in a wide range, like testing and optimizing the exciting antenna to designing the custom antennas. We provide antenna consultancy services as well.