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We are specialized on maintenance-free, timewise unlimited movement tracking for all kinds of objects. Sensors + outdoor/inhouse tracking. Telematics HW, platform svc & front end apps. Full service.

Asset tracking
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Stefan Heimerl: "By integrating the wirepas stack into our solar-powered telematics hardware, mecSOLAR evolved into the optimal maintenance-free mobile gateway for all wirepas-enabled beacons/tags. Hence, our cooperation with wirepas opens a horizon of new project opportunities for both companies as well as all members of the wirepas ecosystem!"

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Stefan Heimerl


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Maintenance-free, solar-powered telematics device (shortcycled GPS tracking) which acts as mobile gateway in wirepas-enabled MESH networks. Very robust (IP69k).

  • Temperature sensor
  • Accelometer sensor
  • Magnetic sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Other sensors and actuators
  • Battery operated
  • Solar powered
  • IP class

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