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Radientum is an RF/antenna design company. We provide antenna simulation, design, integration, testing, and consultancy services for IoT companies. We have worked with a wide range of IoT devices.

Asset tracking
General IoT
Industrial IoT
Smart building
Smart lighting
Smart metering
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Working with Wirepas has been a great journey for us. We both value a strong IoT ecosystem where companies cooperate and collaborate on delivering the best IoT solutions to the end customers.
Together, we bring optimal wireless connectivity to scalable, reliable and cost-efficient IoT solutions.

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Jukka Sjöstedt


Antenna design

We take care of full custom antenna projects from antenna concept study, design implementation, to R&D passive and active measurements of prototypes in our laboratory.

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Antenna integration

Standard off-the-self antennas will serve you well as long as you can follow the instructions of antenna manufacturer when it comes to placing the antenna and clearance of the antenna. We can help you to integrate the standard antennas into your products seamlessly while ensuring the best possible performance.

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Antenna measurements

- Cable (passive) measurements: 3D radiation pattern, antenna gain, efficiency, polarization.

- Active (TRP, TIS) measurements.

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Antenna consulting

Conduct antenna feasibility studies for your product ideas
Help you to choose the right off-the-shelf antenna solutions, wireless protocols, antenna typology, antenna placement, etc...

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