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SG Wireless is a full stack IoT solutions provider helping customers turn their IoT concepts into finished products. We offer design, development, global manufacturing and everything in between.

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Jessica Lee


SGW1010 Photo 1

SGW101X BLE Module Series

The SGW101X series is an advanced, highly flexible and ultra-low power multiprotocol SoM that enables Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE) connectivity for portable and extremely low power embedded systems.

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SGW6008 Photo 1

SGW6008 BLE - Wi-Fi Gateway

SGW6008 is a BLE 5.0 low energy to Wi-Fi connectivity gateway without the use of smartphones/apps. It collects data from BLE sensors/devices to local server or remote cloud server by HTTPS / MQTTS.

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SGW6010 Photo 1

SGW6010 Cellular Gateway

The SGW6010 Gateway is a powerful, highly integrated device designed to provide a complete IoT connectivity solution with excellent edge computing capabilities.

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SGW8130 photo 2

SGW8130 BLE Sensor Tag

The SGW8130 BLE Sensor Tag, integrated with different sensors, is designed to provide information for edge computing in a IoT connectivity system.

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IoT Services

We offer a full range IoT services from design, development, manufacturing, and everything in between, covering cloud development and operation, analytics, integration with IT and other systems, etc.

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