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SYS TEC electronic AG

SYS TEC electronic AG was founded in 1990. Today we are a premium provider of electronic services, specializing in development and manufacturing of customized electronic solutions for embedded systems and distributed automation. The company currently employs 100 people and has many years of experience, both in the implementation of customer-specific projects, in the development and marketing of its own products.
The components developed by SYS TEC electronic AG are manufactured at the Heinsdorfergrund site near Reichenbach. Currently, the focus of development activities is on the detection and analysis of vibrating / oscillating machine parts using Fast Fourier Transformation.

Asset tracking
Industrial IoT
Smart building
Smart metering
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Systec Product

sysWORXX IO mesh and localization

We designed our IIoT portfolio products according to broad usage within all applicable use cases – eg. Retrofit, energy management, IO mesh and localization. sysWORXX edge controller, sink node and retrofit node can be used in a wirepas network freely combined with nodes and technology of further partners – merged according to customer needs.
*customer specific
*individually adjustable - especially for Retro Fit
*moderate costs

  • Other sensors and actuators

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CTR 700

sysWORXX CTR-700 and sysWORXX SRN-GW1

Edge controller and gateway with Embedded Linux system and Universally usable interfaces. Allows easy connection of meshed sensors to higher-level servers or cloud-based systems
> Edge controller and gateway
> Embedded Linux system
> Universally usable interfaces
> Easy connection to higher-level servers or cloud-based systems
> Supports sensors based on Wirepas

  • Other sensors and actuators

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SRN 300

sysWORXX SRN-300 industrial node

Monitoring & control node with long battery life contains a control function in addition to the transmit function. With digital outputs, states can be stored and actuators can be controlled. > Universally usable interfaces

  • Other sensors and actuators

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